Cynosura is a marketing consulting firm committed to helping its clients create authentic branding strategies with an emphasis on sustainability and transparency.



Cynosura is another name for the constellation Ursa Minor and its brightest star, Polaris. It is also the Latin word for the North Star, which provided direction and guidance in the early days of navigation — the way Cynosura aims to provide support to its clients when it comes to their marketing needs and strategies.

North Star: the star toward which the north pole of the earth very nearly points, and which accordingly seems fixed and immovable in the sky. It is also called Cynosura, polestar, and by astronomers, Polaris.
— Collaborative International Dictionary

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How did cynosura start?

I was looking for a change in direction within my career and I knew I wanted to start my own company. I always enjoyed working in the field of marketing and wanted to share my expertise and experience. I liked the idea of being able to serve as a guide for companies and brands that were looking for help -- and since Cynosura (again, referring to the North Star) served as a guide for explorers navigating the unknown, it was only natural when Cynosura Consulting was born. (Learn more about me here.)

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Cynosura’s Mission

To develop marketing strategies that make a difference.

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What Is Cynosura’s vision?

To create authentic brands with collaboration, sustainability and our values in mind.

Core Values


The “status quo” is never what Cynosura strives for -- I value excellence, and providing it for my clients is my constant motivation. I believe that perfection is a journey, not an endpoint, so I consider excellence to be the direct result of continuous improvement...with real, sustainable success as the result.


In today’s marketing landscape, I believe in telling your story in a relatable, authentic and genuine way. This is not just important for your brand growth -- it’s also important for your customer connection.


Real experts fully understand their area of expertise -- which also means being keenly aware of what they do NOT know. At Cynosura, I know the ways in which my knowledge can take you to the next level, and I also believe that no one person has ALL of the answers; this is why I collaborate with my network of other talented individuals to foster success and expertise in all realms of marketing and branding.


I believe that companies should have a focus on creating a positive social, eco-friendly impact -- whether this is accomplished through meaningful social responsibility or through efforts to preserve out great outdoor and public lands, it is a constant priority and goal of mine. As such, I seek to work and collaborate with others who share in that belief and in working towards a better world for future generations.

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